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How do I obtain endorsements for my CDL license?

Getting the proper endorsements for your CDL can greatly increase your truck driving job opportunities. Many trucking companies also require endorsements for the truckign jobs they hire for.

Many endorsements are easy to obtain, and simply require a written test.  In most states this includes air brake endorsements and doubles/triples endorsements.

A HazMat endorsement allows you to haul specific cargo which is more dangerous that ordinary cargo.  An good example would be gasoline.   Gas is far more dangerous that hauling a load of furniture.

There are a few steps to obtain your HazMat endorsement for your CDL, which include:

Step 1 – Take a test form the DMV.

Step 2 – Make sure you have a valid CDL.

Step 3 – Get clearance from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  Applications are available through your local DMV.

Step 4 – Submit your fingerprints for the FBI to complete a background check.

Step 5 – Pay the hazmat endorsement fees.

Step 6 – Maintain clean record.   Serious crimes and felonies will disqualify you from having a HazMat endorsement.