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What types of jobs for truck drivers are available?

Trucking jobs are broken down into where drivers deliver the freight.

Typically, new drivers in truck driving jobs start as an OTR (Over the Road) truck driver until they have experience. OTR truck drivers are out over the road for long periods of time.  Many truck drivers prefer this type of trucking job, but may also prefer more home time that is common with regional or local routes.  The specific opportunities are often dictated by trucking companies.

Once truck drivers gain experience, they will be eligible for other types of jobs.

  • Local – Local truck driving jobs involve local deliveries within a short distance.  Local drivers spend most time loading and unloading.  Pay is hourly and local drivers are home every night.  Customer interaction is also frequent.
  • Regional – Regional drivers deliver a wide range of goods over a set geographic area.  An example would be the Southeastern States.  Regional drivers are often home more than OTR drivers.
  • Dedicated – Dedicated OTR drivers run the same routes day after day.  There is more consistency in schedule for dedicated route drivers.
  • Over the Road (OTR) – OTR truck drivers deliver freight to US and Canadian destinations nationwide.  Pay for these truck driving positions is by the mile, with an average of around 2500 miles per week.  OTR drivers are away from home from 1 to weeks on average at a time.