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What is typical day for a truck driver?

One of the biggest advantages truck drivers enjoy is the freedom and diversity of their job.

Trucking is one career where no two days are ever the same.  One day may consist of driving the entire day with minimal stops.  The next day may consist of unloading and setting out on the next trip.

The following items are typically involved with any truck driving job:

  • Inspecting the vehicle for any safety concerns
  • Making sure the cargo is securely packed
  • Driving attentively and safely to deliver the cargo
  • Interacting with the client when the delivery is complete to ensure his or her satisfaction

There are also the unexpected items that may arise – detours, mechanical failures, and traffic delays.  Most drivers like both the challenge that driving offers and the freedom to set their own schedules.

Working Hours

In accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation regulations, truck drivers involved in long-distance, interstate commerce may not work more than 60 hours in any 7 day period, and must rest at least 10 hours for every 11 driving hours.  These working hours are meant to make sure drivers are rested and alert when they drive.

Physical Fitness

Life as a truck driver does pose some interesting challenges, including physical fitness.  Many truck drivers have found great ways to stay active while on the road.  Some ways include: carrying a few weights with them in the truck to exercise while waiting, running or walking around loading yards, and regional gym memberships to name a few.  Some truck stops even maintain gym facilities for drivers.