Home Trucking FAQs What are the interventions possible under CSA 2010?

What are the interventions possible under CSA 2010?

There are 3 categories of CSA 2010 interventions.  Each category has its own distinct intervention steps.

The CSA 2010 categories are:

  1. Early Contact
  2. Investigation
  3. Follow-On

Early Contact

  • Warning Letter
  • Carrier Access to Safety Data and Measurement
  • Targeted roadside Inspections


  • Offsite Investigation
  • Onsite Investigation –Focused
  • Onsite Investigation – Comprehensive


  • Cooperative Safety Plan
  • Notice of Violation
  • Notice of Claim
  • Operations Out-of-Service Order

The level of CSA 2010 intervention is determined by the specific offense and the frequency.  Repeat offenses will generally draw more significant interventions.  In general, minor first time offenses will often only receive a warning letter.  More severe offenses or consistent repeat offenses will bring more significant interventions for a trucking company.