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How hard is it to get loads as an owner-operator driver?

Becoming a business owner can be a big responsibility, since you’re responsible both for the success of your business and for your own personal income. Prior to dedicating yourself to a career as an owner-operator, you may wish to research load options in your area.

If you’re willing to drive a variety of routes and work on the schedule of your clients, you may have an easier time getting loads than a driver who is limited to specific routes and travel periods. Owner-operator trucking companies may post jobs to load boards. Load boards list open routes, the pay rate, and what requirements they have for owner-operators.

You may also go through brokers to get access to load listings and opportunities. This may be a more appealing option for new owner-operators, since brokers can help you find loads that you are qualified for and that fit your driving abilities. Regardless of how many owner-operators looking for drivers there are, you may have to give a significant amount of your owner-operator pay to brokers if you rely on them for your jobs.

Generally speaking, the more experience you get as an owner-operator and the more references you have under your belt, the easier it is to get loads and keep your schedule full. Putting in the work early on can pay off down the road!