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How do I become an owner-operator driver?

You’ve looked into what it’s like to be an owner-operator and decided that it’s a career path you’re interested in. But how do you actually become an owner-operator? As long as you already have a commercial driver’s license, you may be ready to make the leap from company driver to owner-operator. If you think this might be a good fit for your trucking career, contact the employers in your area to learn more about getting started.

One of the first things you have to decide is whether you want to lease through a company or own your own truck. If you lease, you may be restricted to the mile limits and driving locations allowed by your leasing company. If you decide to own, you may have to take on the large initial cost of a truck. However, you may be rewarded with more freedom in your career.

After you’ve decided what type of truck you’re going to own or lease, you can look into the next step of becoming an owner-operator. You must get the legal and financial aspects of your business set up. You should contact the Department of Commerce or other business-related agency in your state to find out what registration and insurance requirements exist for owner-operators.

You must then decide who your clients will be. You may seek out owner-operators looking for drivers, since they may outsource their work to available drivers. Another option for owner-operators is finding companies looking for owner-operators. Once you start getting your own loads, you can start working as an owner-operator!