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Is it hard to find an owner operator job?

Once you own your own truck, the most important part of being an owner operator is of course finding trucking jobs.

There are many trucking companies out there who hire owner operators, it is best to search for one that will best match your requirements. Your requirements may include where you are looking to drive, specific freight your are looking to haul, and financial considerations.  Some owner operator agreements may also include items like benefits and coverage for some operating expenses.

There are also various financial considerations for owner operators.  For example, truck costs, fuel, and load rates are major concern when operating as an owner operator.  Take these factors carefully into account before signing any specific contract.

Like everything with becoming an owner operator, it is important to do your research. Find out as much as you can about a potential company before you sign on.  You may also want to ask other drivers their specific experience with a particular company for further information.